Compound Chocolate


Niche’s chocolate compound coatings offer the genuine taste and texture of chocolate without the need for tempering. They also eliminate the onset of fatty blooming after cooling.

  1. Chocolate compound coatings should initially be heated to a temperature of of 45-50° C.
  2. Before conducting the coating, they must then be cooled to a temperature of 38-40° C.
    • The coating will not produce sufficient shine and may be too thick below 38° C.
    • Above 41° C, insufficient heat transfer may prevent hardening, resulting in visible stripes on the product surface.


  • biscuits, waffles, Swiss rolls, soufflés
  • cakes, spice-cakes, sponge cakes & short cakes
  • sweets, marsh-mellows, fruit jellies
  • caramel, halva, lukum
  • nuts & dried fruit
  • storage: keep at a temperature between -3°C and 18°C, in a dry and ventilated environment, with a humidity of not more than 75%
  • shelf life: 12 months after production
  • packaging:
    • drops: 20 kg boxes
    • blocks: 4 x 5 kg blocks in 20 kg boxes
    • trays: 6 x 4 kg blocks in 24 kg boxes
    • vemicelli: 2 x 10 kg per bag in 20 kg boxes
  • Shokopops
  • White Confectionery Coating
  • White Ice Cream Coating
  • Milk Confectionery Coating
  • Milk Ice Cream Coating
  • Dark Confectionery Coating
  • Dark Ice Cream Coating