itemJP8 standardJP15 standardUSP34 standard
characteristicswhite crystals or white crystal-line powder, odorlesswhite crystalline powder; odorlesswhite crystals or white crystalline powder, odorless
distinguisha bit appears positive reactioninfrared absorption spectrum should conform to requirementidentification: infrared absorption
clarity and color of solutionclear and colorlessclear and colorlessclear and colorless
heavy metals20 ppm max10 ppm max0.0015% max
chloride0.011% max0.011% max0.05% max
sulphate0.014% max0.010% max0.03% max
iron/10 ppm max0.003% max
arsenic2 ppm max//
ammonium0.02% max0.02% max/
loss on drying0.20% max0.20% max0.3% max
related substances/should conform to requirement/
readily carbonizable substancescolorless/no color develops
residue on ignition0.10% max0.10% max0.3% max
assay98.5% min99.0% min98.5%-101.5%
chromatographic purity  0.5% max
conclusionconforming to JP8 standardconforming to JP15 standardconforming to USP34 standard
  • Taurine