Non-Dairy Cream Powder


Our Whipping Cream Powder can be used as a basis for fillings and for toppings or garnishes  for any kind of cake. It has a sweet, milky, creamy taste, and a neutral, cream-like aroma.


  1. Mix 1 kg FANTASIA WCP T-100 with 1.75 litre cold water or cold milk in the summer and 2 litres in colder, winter conditions.
  2. Whip for 6 minutes to obtain the required consistency.
  3. We reccomend refrigerating the whipped product for 15-20 minutes at 4°C.
Total fat (%)6
Total carbohydrates (%)3
Dietary fibre (%)1
Sugars (%)9
Protein (%)1
Salmonella (per 25 g)negative
S. Aureus< 10/g
B.cereus< 10/g
Entereobacteriacea< 10/g
Yeast< 10/g
Mould< 10/g
  • Appearance: white powder.
  • Packaging: in 1 kg aluminium polyethylene bag or 10 kg bag
  • Shelf life: under good storage conditions and in un-opened packaging, the shelf life is 1,5 years.
  • Storage: the powder should be stored in its original packaging, at 20-22°C under dry conditions. Avoid direct sunlight.
Ingredients: sugar, hydrogenated vegetable oil, maltodextrine, emulsifiers (E471, E472a, E472b), milk protein, stabilizers (E340ii)