Taurine with Anti-Caking Agent

  • USAGE: Nutritional supplements for animals.
  • QUALITY: Complies with the standards JP8, JP15, USP32
  • PARTICLE SIZE:  90% of our standard product has a mesh between 100 and 200 (we can adapt the particle size to answer to special requirements.) 
  • INNER PACKING: proof aluminum foil compund bag of 25 kg.
  • SHELF LIFE: store within 3 years in cool, shaded, and dry place. 
appearancewhite, crystalline powder
clarity and color of solutionclear and colorless
chromatography purity< 0.5% individual impurities
assay>99% (can be increased on request)
loss on drying< 0.2%
residue on ignition< 0.1%
easily carbonizable substancesColorless
heavy metals (Pb)< 10 ppm
Arsenic< 1 ppm
Sulphate< 0.010%
Chloride< 0.010%
Ammonium salt< 0.02%
Iron< 10 ppm
anti-caking0.5% Sipernate 22S
  • Chemical Name: 2-aminoethylsulfonic acid
  • Molecular Formula: C2H7NSO3
  • Molecular Weight: 125.15
  • Cas No: 107-35-7
  • Code EINECS: 203-483-8
total viable count 37° C<100 cfu/kg
yeasts and moulds<10 cfu/g
Enterobacterianegative in 10 g
Coliformsnegative in 10 g
Escherichia Colinegative in 10 g
Salmonella sppnegative in 25 g
Staphylococcus aureusnegative in 10 g
Pseudomonas aeruginosanegative in 10 g
Listeria Monocytogenesnegative in 25 g
heavy metals (Pb)< 10 ppm
Arsenic< 1 ppm
Sulphate< 0.010%
Chloride< 0.010%